Making a Claim

Client Money Protect (CMP) offers a simple,clear claims process that is easy to understand and use
Before raising a compensation claim with us please Download and read the 'Guide to making a Compensation Claim'

Immediately after you are aware that your Agent has misappropriated your money and your unable to establish contact with them you should ensure you mitigate your losses. For example arranging for the tenant to pay future rent to you directly.

If you are a Landlord or Tenant and your Agent has misappropriated your money you may be able to make a compensation claim to Client Money Protect (CMP)

Starting your claim

In the first instance please check our Member Search List to see if the agent is a CMP member.

You will need to report the incident to your local police station and obtain a crime reference number.

To raise a claim application for compensation you will need

  • Crime Reference Number

  • Download and Complete the CMP claim form

  • Provide supporting evidence (type of the evidence we require can be found in the 'Guide to making a compensation claim').

Once we receive your Compensation Form, CMP will investigate the circumstances and ascertain whether your letting agent has indeed taken your money. Until we have undertaken this investigation we cannot release any compensation to you.

Send us your completed claim form + supporting documents

Use the button below to send us your form & supporting evidence

What if I can't find my agent on member search list?

Check our claims Notification Board below to see if the agent appears here.

As per our Schemes Rules Once we are made aware of a letting agent of CMP that has been misappropriating client funds their membership will be terminated and they will no longer appear on the Member Search List.

If they do not appear on our claims notification board either you should contact one of the other client money protection providers.
  • Money Shield

  • Propertymark

  • RICS

  • Safeagent

  • UKALA Client money Protection

Claims Notification Board

We are currently accepting application for compensation claims for the following agents that no longer hold membership with CMP:

  • Homepoint Estate Agents Ltd - 05039584,122 Castle Croft Road,Wolverhampton,WV3 8LU

    Closing date for Compensation Claim Application: 15/02/2022

FAQs - Claims

You can check our members list on our website.

CMP does not offer a ‘for whatever reason’ guarantee. The guarantee extends only to loss by theft of client monies by the principle or owners of the business. For the purpose of doubt, theft means the dishonest obtaining of money with the intention of permanently depriving the client of such money. When considering whether a claim under the guarantee is valid or not, CMP will need to ascertain whether theft of client monies, and therefore a crime, has taken place. CMP will not accept claims where the agent merely refuses to return monies and those monies are clearly still in the custody and control of the agent.

The financial guarantee provided by CMP is limited to the insurance we have purchased. This is the same for all CMPI schemes, although this fact is not always made as transparent as it should be. As with all insurance protection there must be limits put in place and our job as risk takers is to manage these limits. Using our knowledge of the lettings market and our experience of operating similar CMPI schemes in the tenancy deposit world, we feel that the limits of our guarantee are adequate to meet the claims of those landlords and tenants we seek to protect.

A landlord can claim up to a maximum of three months’ rent.

As a landlord you are able to claim up to a maximum of three months’ rent (minus fees). Deposits can only be claimed through CMP if the agent failed to protect the deposit with a government approved deposit protection scheme.

FAQs - Exclusions

The main exclusions are as follows: 1. Theft of client monies by an employee of the business. CMP is designed to protect clients from theft of money by the owner of the business. Theft of client monies by an employee of the business is still the responsibility of the employer and therefore it is the responsibility of the employer to protect the business against this type of risk. CMP requires all its members to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance that will pick up this type of theft. Landlords and tenants will be directed to make a claim against the letting agents’ PI policy 2. Theft of monies by the owner owed to another owner. CMP will not pick up any claims where one business owner misappropriates monies owed to another owner. 3. Theft of monies by a third party. CMP will not honour any claim where theft of client monies is undertaken by any person not connected with the letting agent. For example, monies held by tradesmen, financial institutions or other businesses. 4. Theft of monies already protected/held by an authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme. CMP will not pick up claims which relate to tenant’s deposits that are protected by a government authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme, whether the scheme is a custodial scheme or insured-based scheme. CMP will only honour claims if the deposit schemes’ membership rules are exhausted or not applicable e.g. the deposit was never protected or the scheme cannot or will not honour the protection of the deposit. If the deposit is clearly protected, or held in a custodial scheme, the claimant will be directed back to the relevant deposit protection scheme. CMP will not accept claims from an authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme to offset its liability.

FAQs - General

Client Money Protection Insurance (CMPI) is a distinct insurance that protects the money of landlords and tenants against theft or misappropriation by the owners of the letting agent whilst it is in their custody or control. These monies are frequently tenant’s deposits and landlord’s rental payments but can also include monies held for repairs and maintenance to the property and other such circumstances. CMPI is purchased by the letting agent for the benefit of his clients (landlord or tenant). In the event of theft or misappropriation of these monies by the owners of the business, landlords and tenants have a route of redress against the letting agent by contacting the ‘policy issuing’ body/organisation and claiming against the policy. If a genuine claim is accepted, the ‘body/organisation’ will recompense the landlord or tenant and seek recovery from the letting agent or its owners.

Traditionally, the provision of CMP has been made available through letting agent trade bodies or organisations such as RICS, ARLA, UKALA or Safeagent. These organisations provide CMP to their members, publicise the benefits to the wider community, and deal with any claims made against the scheme. Without the inclusion of this independent entity within the CMP sale process, the landlord and tenant risks not knowing about the existence of CMP, the terms and conditions of the insurance, who to contact and how to make a claim – especially if the agent has gone into liquidation and is un-contactable.

No, CMP does not act on behalf of the letting agent. It is an independent membership body that provides the protection of client money whilst held by its members and the scheme insures its liability for the payment of any claims.

Complaints can only be made about the process or service provided by CMP. The majority of complaints will be dealt with within five workings days. Please see the CMP Complaints Procedure.