Our compliance assist pack

Here you can download guides and templates to help with compliance and to make the most out of your Client Money Protect membership.

Bank letter template

Are you applying for a client account with your bank? Download below and use our bank letter template to help you through the application process.

Update your website

Client Money Protect members must have their certificate and our logo on their website. Show your customers their money is protected and link both back to our homepage.

Promote in branch

Client Money Protect members must display their certificate and window stickers in all of their branches. This is to show customers that their money is protected. Contact us to get yours.

Guide for consumers

Client money protection is for the benefit of your customers. Give them our guide for consumers so they know the money they give you is protected.

Guide to holding client money

Our guide helps to identify areas of vulnerability in your processes and controls to make sure you are handling your customers’ money safely.

Membership rules

You can find a copy of our membership rules by clicking on the following link below.