Join Client Money Protect

All Agents can join the Client Money Protect.

The joining process is simple and straightforward. All you are required to do is complete the application process and pay the appropriate annual subscription fee.

Before applying to join Client Money Protect (CMP) please make sure you have read the Client Money Holding Guidance Notes here.

These Guidance Notes provide information on how Client Money Protect Members are to handle client money and you will be expected to provide evidence of this during the joining process.

You are required to provide:

  • Proof of segregated client account(s) for rents and deposits (letter from bank)
  • Last three months bank statements from your client account(s)
  • Copy of your professional indemnity insurance schedule

These documents can be uploaded as part of your Membership application. If you cannot provide the above documents or your business is not currently operating in accordance with the Client Money Holding Guidance Notes then please arrange for this to be put into place before applying for Client Money Protect (CMP) Membership.

Annual Membership Options

Option 1 - Standard Membership

Standard Membership applies to agents that hold up to a maximum of £500,000 in client money at any one time.

Cost (per year):

£ 299 (plus vat) per application for head office

£ 20 (plus vat) administration fee per additional branch

Option 2 - Non-Standard Membership

Non-Standard Membership applies to agents that do not fulfil the criteria of the standard membership. Please telephone or email CMP so we can discuss your requirements or download the application form and send to CMP.

Cost (per year):

£ Price on application